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About the Tunny Hunnies


The Tunny Hunnies was created by Charlotte Anderson, a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Massage Therapist and Corrective Exercise Specialist, with more than 12 years experience. 
Charlotte became a Mum in 2019, and embarked on a journey to try and improve the physical health and mental wellbeing of other women around Tunbridge Wells.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about joining the Tunny Hunnies

How much does it cost to join TunnyHunnies?

Monthly Membership is £45 or unlimited classes, online sessions and access to the WhatsApp group.
Or a single session is £12.50

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring a mat and some water, and if you're bringing a child, please bring any snacks and toys you might need! A warm and dry kid is a happy kid, so rain covers and suitable clothes for are essential if you want to get a good workout with minimum distraction!

What happens if it rains or is really cold?

We want you and your children to be safe and happy, so in bad weather, most classes will be held online via Google Meet. The link will be shared with members in advance. Some classes will proceed regardless of the weather. In these cases, it will say so on the schedule.

What can I expect from a class?

At the Tunny Hunnies, we like to keep the schedule varied and interesting, and we offer a variety of workouts. Classes range from high intensity circuits, to yoga flows and stretching classes. The schedule changes regularly, so follow us to keep up to date.

Where, and when do the classes take place?

The location of the classes varies, but they're always around Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area.

I have some injuries and can't do all the exercises, is the class suitable for me?

Yes! Get in touch to let us know what your limitations are, and we'll happily include exercises that are suitable.


Exercise is good for your body, and even better for your soul

Tunny Hunnies


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